January 7, 2016



Anti-doping in Cycling

The Possible Health Dangers of Doping in Cycling

Considering all of the media attention doping has been getting recently we have decided to include an article on doping and the risks. Some people just love to use shortcuts to get to the top. This might prompt some cycling amateurs to use drugs to enhance their cycling capabilities. Even the professionals might still use drugs to ensure they keep staying at the top always. All these activities have led to the increase in the doping cases in cycling. In the past, we could only hear of such cases in the marathon races, but doping has now found itself in the cycling world too.

Doping agents can be found in the most innocuous of places. For example, a rider was disqualified last year as he had been taking male enhancement pills (safe supplements are listed at Penile Plus) and this had resulted in an unnatural increase in his testosterone levels. Despite his pleading, the judges ruled that while an honest mistake, he had gained an unfair advantage and so they had to set an example. The users of these doping agents are aware of the risks, but sometimes they tend to ignore them. For those who did not know, below are some of the health dangers associated with doping.

You could die from doping

Most doping agents will stimulate the bone marrow to produce the erythropoietin (EPO) hormone. The hormone is responsible for boosting the red blood cells in the body. You will now get more oxygen and energy delivered to the muscles, giving all the strength needed to finish the race. The problem comes in when you have too much EPO in the body. The too many red blood cells present will make the blood to thicken and slow it down in the veins. All this will lead to a slowed heartbeat for a person who loves using the doping agents. Slowed heart functionality might just end up stopping at some point leading to death.

Reported cases of heart attacks, blood clots and strokes

Since your blood has thickened, it is highly likely that you will have several cases of heart attacks, strokes and blood clots in the veins. Blood clots make it hard to control the levels of hematocrit levels in the blood volume. The worst happens when cycling in a race. The levels of hematocrit increase as the blood volume going down. Such cases will easily lead to heart attacks within a few weeks of doping.

Cases of increased blood pressure

Blood pressure is still as a result of having too much EPO hormone in the body. Most of the time the thickened blood proves to be hard to pump to different places by the heart. Soon or later, there will be too much blood pressure in the body. The cases of hypertension are not pleasing; sometimes it would mean the end of a career for any cyclist. Hypertension still has several negative effects on the body too.

Weakens the body’s ability to deal with cancer

The EPO present in the doping agents will still have some adverse effects on the body. A new discovery has shown that too much EPO will degrade the immune system of a person. The immune system will no longer have the capability of identifying and eliminating the cancer cells. The cancer cells will find it easier to thrive under such conditions if the cyclist does not stop doping soon enough.

Weird substances are sold as EPO

Sometimes the manufacturers might just come up with a scam claiming to offer EPO, but it is a different substance. Most cyclists who are into doping would not necessarily want to know what they are taking, so long as it works for them. Be on the lookout for some dangerous substances that might claim to help you in cycling better.

As a cyclist, doping should not define your career. There is always the chance of taking the long road to success and still live to enjoy what you have accomplished rather than using doping agents.



The Saikl’s Cross team is celebrating a double victory in the German Cup.

In the Under-19’s Kerstin Fassbinder wins ahead of her teammate Sophia Krüger, just pipping her to the post in the D-Cup.

After an excellent 6th place at the last World Cup in the Netherlands, she succeeded in the last two D-Cup races to win. She secures the overall standings with 238 points and 6x victories at German Cup races.

Also, in the U17 class, the team was able to celebrate with a victory.

There was Alex Speil, he won the last two races and decide with scarce 10 points ahead of his worst competitor Erwin Ludwig the overall points for themselves.


On 1 Advent of the 8th round of the Weser-Ems-Cup took place in Osnabrück.

With this from Saikl`s Cross Team Jana Suss was in the women’s race. Through sleet in the morning and temperatures above freezing kanpp of course in many places was very slippery. For a Cross race unusually a lot of altitude and almost exclusively single trails the round course made demanding. Jana was after starting initially take the lead, but had at the first pitch, a driver can pass again, as they had slipped on a muddy rise. At the beginning of the second round they attacked then, built lap after lap the lead and finally won by a wide margin. Beside her stood Manja Wall (Leading in the current Weser-Ems-Cup) and Nicole Walker Olberding on the podium.

World Cup


Race Report: Sven Hahn

Unfortunately I had a very bad start and fell back to 45th in the area. After the first lap I was involved in a small crash and that led to me falling back.

In the further course I came in the sand then cope better and was able to fight forward. In the last two laps I went with a small group that went to position 25th.

On my final lap I drove a flat tire and crashed again quite spectacular in the sand exit. After a wheel change, unfortunately, I could not catch up the lost places and had to settle for place 30th.

Conclusion: It was clear to me that I have experience with my first real sand race but had hoped with a placement to place 20th Although I find myself in good shape I could not recall what I had hoped for, because I have often left lying time in the sand passages.

On the whole it was a great race, if only because of the many spectators.

My goal remains in the Top 10 at the next World Cup!


Other Results


17th Place Lukas Meiler
25th Place Marco King


1.Platz Leo Appelt
4th Place Carlo Kaubisch
9th Place Martin Meiler

1st place Marco King
5th Place Lukas Meiler

5th Place Agnes Naumann
7th Place Paul Stefani
9. Jana Sweet
14. Alexa Hüni

10th Place Markus Kaufmann
Luxembourg Petagne